Workswell has officially launched the new thermal imaging system for UAV (drones) called Workswell WIRIS on the market. In recent years, we have all got used to the fact that newer does not necessarily mean better. We got used to the fact that some new mobile telephone models can do less than previous ones, a new car can often only drive the same number of kilometres as the previous car, and that our latest notebook will have a shorter service life than the one we replaced.

It is other way round with Workswell WIRIS. Workswell s.r.o. did all it could to better its previous products when creating a direct category for measuring devices.

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At first sight, the Workswell WIRIS looks to be just another device from a series of accessories that can be added to your drone.

However, the Workswell WIRIS is not just “another device” and we do not supply it as such. The main purpose of the Workswell WIRIS is to provide a whole new series of applications for all UAV pilots.

The technical parameters are not the most important feature on the Workswell WIRIS (even if it does achieve excellent results and in terms of the series, it does not have any competition). The key feature on the Workswell WIRIS is its application, i.e. what you can do with your “old” drone. As is easily discovered, there are dozens of uses, from agriculture and ecology through to diagnostics of photo voltaic power plants or peripheral building claddings.