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Workswell WIRIS & DJI M600Pro – ready to fly combo

That is a combo with DJI M600Pro and thermal imaging camera Workswell WIRIS that is a fully compatible with DJI CAN protocol. So one cable to connect and DJI GO application to control! It really can not be easier!

DJI M600Pro is one of the most durable and powerful hexacopters from DJI. It’s designed for filmmakers and industrial applications. The modular design makes the M600 easy to set up and ready to use in just minutes. Its dust proof propulsion systems simplify maintenance while actively cooled motors make for reliable operation during extended periods of time.

We offering our combo in a full set that is a ready to fly after few minutes. During our partners site, we also offering full servis like training, pilots certification etc.


Acecore NEO

The NEO is a light weight multipurpose Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle.The carbon framework and its smart design gives the Pilot in Command the opportunity to use it for almost every mission. Due to the flexibility of mounting different battery capacity packs, it enables you to swop payloads easily in a range from 1 kg. up to 9 kg ( LB = 19,8).

The Neo platform is a strong & stiff design.Vibrations being cancelled out due to its shapes and construction. It’s 8 powerful and custom designed brushless motors increases the level of redundancy and makes the system incredibly resistant for stronger wind gusts.

The motors are positioned in a 5% offset for ultra smooth descending manoeuvres.

Made in Netherlands

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Aibotix aibot X6

The Aibot X6 is an autonomously flying hexacopter, specifically designed for demanding tasks in surveying, industrial inspection, agriculture and forestry. Equipped with a high level of artificial intelligence, this UAV reaches any target and can independently create high resolution images and videos.

An unmatched feature of the Aibot X6 offers the possibility to adapt varying kinds of sensors such as hyper- and multi-spectral sensors, infrared and thermal sensors, and sensors for other industry-specific missions.

Made in Germany

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Airborne robotics AIR6

With the AIR6, you’re getting a flight-ready drone that’s been completely set up for you in our workshop. We program the remote control to your specific needs, and we offer additional options such as an approved Diversity radio link or a battery operated ground station, with a monitor and a built-in antenna system.

You can also order a pre-programmed digital charger for your flight batteries, with the advantage that you can charge your batteries anywhere & quickly. The charging unit will pre-heat your batteries to the optimal operating temperature, resulting in the maximum possible flight time.

Made in Austria

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Globe Flight ScaraBot X8

ScaraBot construction kits are one-of-a-kind within the multicopter scene. They have been developed for professional applications with the aim to drastically extend the flying time while still keeping the overall weight below the 5kg mark. After years of development, the best components available on the market have been combined to create a series of copters which sets new standards.

Made in Germany

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Height Tech HT-8

The HEIGHT TECH HT-8 is a universal, solid carrier platform for many types of sensors and offers a high degree of flexibility for different types of applications. Its robust gimbal offers shake-free image capture in high quality. With wind stability to up to 55 km/h the HT-8 can also be used in adverse environmental conditions.

Made in Germany

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VideoDrone X4S

X4S is the most efficient model. The efficient motors, speed controller and big propellers mean excellent flight times, up to 45 minutes with standard batteries and even 57 minutes with power batteries.

The camera will get its power directly from the aircraft’s batteries. This guarantees continuous power feed during long flights.

Made in Finland

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