Even if you spend many flight hours with the Workswell WIRIS system, a significant portion of your work will take place behind a computer in your office and during the data analysis. Your clients and your partners will require self-contained output from your measurements. This is to propose remedies, order reconstructions or decide on the level of investment. Usually, simple images will be insufficient and you will need to conduct an analysis and produce a self-contained document with clearly defined conclusions drawn from your measurements.

Of course, in Workswell we know this very well and, therefore , we do not deliver this to all our clients, but instead supply the Workswell CorePlayer software which enables you to create professional outputs and fulfil the demands of your clients. Workswell CorePlayer provides all the necessary functions for the analysis of thermograms for nearly all applications.

Workswell CorePlayer

Workswell CorePlayer is main software for Workswell WIRIS and is useful for analysis of thermograms (thermal pictures) taken by the Workswell WIRIS. Workswell CorePlayer provides all the necessary functions for the analysis of thermograms for nearly all applications. There are several capabilities of Workswell CorePlayer including reporting creation.

Features of CorePlayer

  • Adjust parameters such as emissivity, reflective temperature, and more
  • Edit radiometric images (thermograms) to set level and span; change the palette or on/off alarm mode, zoom
  • Add measurement tools – spots, line, polyline, rectangles; thermal profile function is avaible
  • Display stored GPS information and even GPS trace on a real map. In the case of radiometric video for each sample picture
  • Create PDF report from your measurement
  • Digital camera photos export (JPG, PNG)
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel (CSV file) or simple PNG picture
  • Create time plot from radiometric video (sequence)
  • Export AVI video from radiometric video (sequence)

Workswell ThermoFormat

Workswell ThermoFormat is useful for massive processing of thermograms (thermal pictures). If you like to change palette, emissivity or temperature range on a large number of thermograms (thermal pictures), use Workswell ThermoFormat. Workswell ThermoFormat is also used for export pictures with GPS informations in EXIF part of the file to creation a 3D model from the data set. For instance software Pix4D could be used.

Workswell also specializes in custom solutions. If you did not find in our software function you need, just let us know.