Selected properties of the Workswell WIRIS system

The Workswell WIRIS system properties can be found on this page. A detailed summary of the properties and parameters is in the datasheet.


If the task is to image distant objects, then you will appreciate the digital zoom option, which can be operated from the digital camera (visible spectrum), as well as the thermal camera. In the case of a digital camera, a zoom of up to 16x is available; in the case of a thermal camera then up to 14x (with the resolution 640×512).

Wiris screen with Zoom 1x


Image from WIRIS system with Zoom 2x


Image from WIRIS system with Zoom 6x


Image from WIRIS with Zoom 1čx

ZOOM 14x


It is possible to work with the produced images on a PC. It is possible to modify all parameters and change accessible setting. It is possible to insert into the image, further measuring functions (temperature in the point, minimum and maximum in any area, thermal profile, etc.). Of course, within the selected temperature range, it is possible to also work with the temperature scale, to change the selected pattern and to disconnect / connect alarm module. Software is a crucial component of each thermal imaging system for drones and no function is missed when using our software.


The system of measurement or radiometric data during the flight evaluates the measured surface temperature (it is necessary to have the stated value of emissivity and the reflected temperature). The temperature in the central point, as well as the minimum (MIN) and maximum temperature (MAX) in the whole image is evaluated. In the case of MIN/MAX, the value of the long-term maximum / minimum (peak value) is stored. Further measuring functions can be used for previously produced images during analysis on a PC in the CorePlayer; see below.

WIRIS temperature measurement

The system produces radiometric data. This is similar to the RAW data from the traditional photo and corresponds to the intensity of the thermal radiation. This function makes it possible to obtain all the necessary information from the acquired data during the evaluation in the Workswell CorePlayer analytical software on a PC. If you later decide to change one of the images, for example, the pallet, then setting the temperature range or emissivity is very simple. In addition to radiometric images, radiometric video is recorded. Any radiometric video image can be used as an independent thermogram and can be analysed.


The system offers a selection of more than 10 colour palettes for easy-to-orientate the visualization of measured data. The selection depends on the stated application, character of the measured object, the selected display unit and the usage. It is even possible to adapt the palette to your requirements during the flight. In the case of already saved data, the palette can be changed at any time (as well as making any further changes) in the SW Workswell CorePlayer.


GPS navigation is an optional system accessory. Navilock NL-8009T navigation is offered with the connector for the connection to Workswell WIRIS. The navigation can then be connected without the need for further setting, which is connected to the Workswell WIRIS. Once connected, the information which will be displayed in the left lower corner can be selected: coordinates, speed, number of designed satellites and altitude. Information about the position is automatically stored as META data for each image and is available to each image in the Workswell CorePlayer program. It can then be worked with in further programs.


In addition to the traditional thermal camera, the system is equipped with a camera in the visible spectrum. With each thermogram (thermal image), a traditional photo is stored which can be used to identify the measured object. Together with GPS, there is self-contained information on the object measured. The video stream from the digital camera can be displayed in the right upper corner of the screen or it is possible to designate the display of the stream from the thermal camera and digital camera. The reflection from the digital camera is then displayed on the larger part of the screen.


The Workswell WIRIS thermal imaging system was designed to be fully manageable using a standard RC controller during the flight. The system parameters can be set without any stopover. You can change the emissivity setting, pallets, temperature range, etc. This is very important because when the conditions are changed, it is possible to continue measuring without a stopover. At the same time, the measurement parameters of the object, which can only be seen from the air, can be adapted. Of course, using the control knob it is possible to save individual images and run the record of the video, etc.

Workswell WIRIS menu



Advanced settings allows you to configure the whole system exactly as you need



Let the system automatically notify you when temperature in the scene exceeds the selected limit



Select automatic temperature range for optimal contrast or manual in order to see the details



The system offers variety of measurement tools, such as hot/cold detection or center spot



You can choose one of the 14 palettes for the best visual representation of a measured scene


The manual temperature range is one of the most important functions that can help to save lives.

The WIRIS system enables to manually set the temperature range during the flight. This parameter is WIRIS unique; even if it seems that it is a detail, it is one of the biggest advantages of using a WIRIS thermal camera for drones. Due to this function, the temperature scale “is not broken up”, depending the objects observed, but it remains the same throughout the whole time for all produced images. Without the function of a normal thermal range, there is a permanent change in the scale and the meaning of the colours in the colour pattern. In the case of a too wide temperature range, there is a loss of critically important details. There is a real risk of overlooking a critical defect or even a lost person.

manual temperature range manual temperature range

If there is any temperature limit, which is critical for you or a temperature interval, then the alarm mode. When using the alarm mode, the places are highlighted (e.g. red) where a higher (lower) temperature was measured than the adjusted temperature (or the temperature was in the stated temperature interval). The alarm under the limit, alarm above the limit and an alarm interval are available. This highlighting means you will not miss important details, such as defects on high voltage electric lines or lose people during rescue application.


The video output for the WIRIS system is standard HDMI. When using the Connex system from the Amimon company, the wireless transfer of an image up to the distance of 1 km is possible! On the standard screen on the control unit you can view the video output as well as all menus and the other system functions. We supply Connex as an optional accessory.

Software is a crucial component of each thermal imaging system for drones and no function is missed when using our software. If you are considering acquiring a thermal imaging system for drones, ask our competitors about their SW and then compare it with ours. You will soon discover that without suitable SW that you cannot manage the acquired data and drawing a conclusion or preparing a report for clients will be very time consuming.

When choosing a thermal imaging system for drones, do not take only the hardware into consideration but also focus on the SW. It is yet another advantage of our system.


Each Workswell WIRIS thermal imaging system is shipped fully calibrated and comes with a calibration certificate. The measurement precision of each WIRIS system is tested using reference black body sources over the whole range of measured temperatures.

Calibration certificate WIRIS

Although we constantly strive to make Workswell WIRIS the best thermal imaging system possible, no system is ideal and so even after demanding tests the system may in time demonstrate more or less serious flaws, which it is either essential or advisable to remove. We at Workswell are well aware of this fact, which is why we provide an update capability for the firmware of WIRIS system via a simple web interface.

Update now

At times the recorded image data from an inspection flight may not be sufficient and the need will arise to produce a comprehensive measurement protocol for your customer. CorePlayer software offers the capability of generating protocols in the .PDF format, which can be presented to your client as the result of your work.


Images captured by the system are fully radiometric and contain information about GPS coordinates in the EXIF metadata of the files (when a GPS unit is connected). Such images can be subsequently used to create a 3D model – with the aid of a specialized software (for example, the previously mentioned Pix4D) – on which measurements can be performed.


Workswell WIRIS is fully compatible with DJI Lightbridge 2, which is among the most widespread systems for wireless transmission of digital video.