WIRIS Integrators

WIRIS Integrators


TerraView is an American company that specializes in fully customized UAV solutions with a focus on runtime, durability, and versatility.

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Freefly Systems is an American corporation that designs, manufactures, and markets camera movement systems and camera stabilizers used in cinematography.

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Easy Aerial develops and manufactures autonomous and remotely operated military-grade drone-in-a-box solutions.

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Auterion’s software platform transforms how you collect data, deliver goods, and save lives with drones.

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BFD Systems is focused on industrial grade multirotor and UAS development, fleet management, and systems integration.

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Tholeg is a manufacturer of professional UAV systems for government, corporate and scientific institutions.

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Aeronavics is a world-class designer and manufacturer of Aerial Robotics. Their mission is to change the way the world works through sustainable, intelligent aerial robotics – aiming to increase efficiency.

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Soleon analyzes, understands and helps you realize your project in the field of unmanned aerial applications. These include drones for agriculture, surveying, civil defense, the film and photographic industries and much more

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Italdron is an Italian company active in Italy and around the world in the design, production and marketing of UAV (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). 

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Hexadron is a French based company specialized in the mechatronic development of various solutions in relation with the use of civil and military drones.

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The activity of Pelixar covers the unmanned systems sector, in particular unmanned aircraft solutions. The company deals with the medium-series production of original components and drones.

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Aero Vision’s main focus is design, manufacturing of specialized unmanned aerial vehicles and their specific use for various activities such as precision farming, precision construction, defense and security.

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Beijing Anzhou Technology is mainly committed to the introduction and promotion of foreign advanced instruments.

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INNOVADRONE is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of civilian drones for your industrial needs made in France.


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Clogworks Technologies Limited is based in Yorkshire with in-house expertise to design and manufacture carbon fibre unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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Viking Drone makes drones specifically for developers. Their drones are more like flying robotic platforms, purpose-built for you to integrate your product into and build upon.

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Nordic Wings is developing a completely new, high-performance fixed wing drone system designed to reduce costs while improving flexibility and giving the user freedom of choice.

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COPTING has set itself the task of opening up new perspectives and applications from the air for you with modern remote-controlled, automatic flight systems and professional sensors.

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Acecore technologies is integrator, developer and manufacturer of high-end tailor made drone and camera technology for professional use.

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Height Technologies dedicated themselves to create custom and innovative solutions for the commercial and military market. They are an international player in the field of defense.

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Parallel Flight Technologies is developing revolutionary unmanned aircraft and propulsion systems for the most dangerous and consequential missions on earth.

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Inspired Flight develops and manufactures hardware for commercial drone users. They produce reliable, secure American-built drones.

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Watts Innovations is a company based in Baltimore, Maryland specializing in the design and manufacturing of industrial drones. 

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Nordic Drones Oy is Finland’s first and leading drone pilot trainer and manufacturer of drones designed for professional use

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