Inspired Flight Ready to Fly Solutions


Inspired Flight Ready to Fly Solutions​


Designed for demanding industrial applications, the IF1200 supports up to 8kg payloads and a 35 minute flight time.

Unparalleled ruggedness & an open-system architecture make the IF1200 a workhorse UAV fully designed, manufactured & supported in the USA. Whatever your operations, the IF1200 can be configured around your requirements for more efficient & safer operations.

Offering a tight integration with the WIRIS cameras, the IF1200 provides a great option for operators needing to use multiple payloads at once or operators using thermal imagery as a secondary data layer.


  • Wind tolerance up to 30 knots
  • 8 kg Payload Capacity
  • 10 km encrypted signal range
  • NDAA-compliant & approved for Government use
IF750 Workswell Wiris Pro


The IF750 & WIRIS integration provides operators a rugged and versatile NDAA-Compliant system for an expanding number of critical applications.

A tight integration with the Workswell ecosystem enables ultimate operator control and confidence in the mission at
hand. Its modular design is meant for consistent operation, streamlined maintenance, and rapid deployment.

With multiple encrypted radio link and ground control station options the IF750 provides an enterprise UAS specifically tailored to your needs.


  • Wind tolerance up to 25 knots
  • Real flight time of 25 minutes w/ large payload
  • 10km signal range w/ standard radio
  • Swappable payloads for various use case
  • NDAA-compliant & approved for Government use