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Thermal and infrared cameras

Experience unmatched precision with a thermal camera. So why settle for ordinary vision when you can experience the extraordinary with a thermal camera?

What we do?

Workswell designs and produces the series of thermal and infrared cameras to be used with any kind of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or UGV (unmanned ground vehicles). The portfolio includes drone thermal cameras like WIRIS Pro, WIRIS Pro SC, WIRIS Agro and GIS-320 for the gas leak detection including suitable gimbals. The flagship of the WIRIS series is named WIRIS Enterprise and it can be used with any UAV or UGV platform on the market. It helps in industrial inspections, search and rescue operations, R&D or in high demanding applications that require all-in-one multiple sensor operations (Thermal, RGB, Range Finder ). 

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In the industrial sector, thermal drone cameras can be used to monitor the temperature of equipment and machinery in real-time, allowing for early detection of potential malfunctions and preventing costly downtime.

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Our advantages

Perfect support

Our mission is to have not just premium products, but also the fantastic support.

SSD Memory on board

Provides faster data access and improved system performance .

Worldwide partners

You can find our partners in many countries around the world.​


All thermal and infrared cameras are compatible with majority of platforms available on the market.​


The ongoing development holds great promise for improving capabilities and expanding their range of applications.

Details are important

Thermolab is a software for detailed analysis of thermograms from thermal and infrared cameras, allowing the user to edit the data into different formats and create clear reports from the thermograms. All standard data analysis functions are available in the program (temperature at a point, minimum and maximum of the area, temperature profile, zoom, temperature scale change, color palette, emissivity, etc.) as well as extended functions such as GPS location of the image and the ability to display RGB digital images.

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