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Thermolab a software solution developed by Workswell, a company that specializes in thermal imaging technology. Thermolab software is designed to work in conjunction with Workswell’s thermal imaging cameras, providing users with advanced tools for capturing, analyzing, and processing thermal images for various applications, such as industrial inspection, building diagnostics, and research.

Some key features of Thermolab software include:

  1. Real-time thermal imaging: Thermolab allows users to view and analyze thermal images in real-time, enabling them to quickly identify hotspots, temperature variations, and anomalies in the captured images.

  2. Image analysis and processing: Thermolab provides a range of image analysis and processing tools, including temperature measurement, emissivity correction, image enhancement, and image fusion, which allow users to extract valuable information from thermal images and generate detailed reports.

  3. Advanced measurement capabilities: Thermolab offers advanced measurement capabilities, such as multiple point temperature measurements, area measurement, line profile measurement, and isotherm analysis, which enable users to accurately measure and analyze temperature distributions in thermal images.

  4. Customizable reporting: Thermolab allows users to generate customized reports with annotated thermal images, measurement data, and other relevant information, making it easy to share findings and results with colleagues or clients.

  5. Integration with other software and hardware: Thermolab is compatible with other software and hardware solutions, allowing users to import and export thermal images, measurement data, and reports to and from other applications, as well as connect with Workswell’s thermal imaging cameras and accessories for seamless integration into their workflow.

Overall, Thermolab software by Workswell provides advanced thermal imaging capabilities for professionals in various industries, helping them leverage thermal imaging technology for a wide range of applications.


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