Italdron Ready to fly solutions


Italdron Ready to Fly Solutions​


Durante Sentinella

Italdron Durante Sentinella can offer over 60 minutes fly time with max. 2 kilograms payload weight 

Durante’s impressive flytime up to 60 minutes before changing battery packs and there is also option for a tethered solution for unlimited flight time. Ultra low noise emissions (near 0bd at 150m) makes durante suitable for “stealth” surveillance mission profiles.

With Italdron Controller App and new 4g/LTE/5G onboard computer, Ground station and payload can be remotely accessed from anywere in the world. Connection is secure through 256-bit encryption thus maintaining low latency. Video streaming and “click-to-go” features are available to remotely control UAV for BVLOS applications.

Durante is the made in Italy drone with a compact and lightweight design that guarantees maximum safety levels thanks to triple autopilot redundancy sensors and automatic parachute.