USB3, GigE Modules for TAU2

USB3 & GigE modules

for FLIR TAU2 sensors

Workswell USB3 and GigE modules for FLIR TAU2 are designed to be integrated easily into extension systems or to be connected to a PC. The modules are compatible with all FLIR TAU2 9Hz/30Hz sensors (TAU2 640, TAU2 320/336, TAU2 160/162/168) and enable easy access to sensors data, their controls, and administration. FLIR TAU2 is operated and powered via a USB3 or a GigE interface by means of a Hirose 50-pin connector. The whole internal electronic content is protected by an aluminium case.

Workswell’s CorePlayer software automatically identifies the USB3 or GigE interface, FLIR TAU2 core type, or a faulty IP address setting. Depending on the core, the resolution is set to 8 or 14 RAW data formats.

Main features

USB3 interface is powered directly through the USB3 cable with no need for an additional external source. Its very low energy consumption lowers the need for a special cooling.

GigE interface is powered directly through the Ethernet cable (PoE) and its very low energy consumption lowers the need for special cooling.

Development libraries (SDK) for Windows and Linux x86 are included in the USB3 or GigE module delivery packages. This enables an easy integration and access to data. Extra analytical CorePlayer software is available for separate purchase and can be used for data analysis or special development libraries for Labview, Matlab, and Linux ARM.



Even though you will be using the Workswell WIRIS system during many flights, a large part of your work will be dedicated to the analysis and evaluation of the collected data. Most of the time, simply transferring “pictures” will not be enough, and it will be necessary to perform a detailed analysis to understand the thermograms. That is why we offer both Workswells CorePlayer or Workswells ThermoFormat analytical software, included in every WIRIS delivery package.

Workswell CorePlayer

Workswells CorePlayer software has been designed to perform detailed analysis and allow a user to edit, export data to different formats, and create comprehensive reports from thermograms. All standard functionalities for analysing data are available within the program (temperature on the spot, minimum and maximum of the area, temperature profile, zoom, change in temperature scale, color palette, emissivity etc.) as well as extending functions such as the GPS location of where the picture was taken and being able to display full spectrum digital pictures. See the data list for further information on all functionalities.

It is possible to buy a FLIR TAU2 thermal camera in any of its available versions together with the converter. In addition, thermal calibration will be performed for FREE.



Additional information

TypeFLIR Tau2 USB3FLIR Tau2 GigE
ManufacturerWorkswell s.r.o.Workswell s.r.o.
Resolution supportedall models FLIR TAU2all models FLIR TAU2
Pixel depth8/14 bits RAW data8/14 bits RAW data
Image Buffer128 MB128 MB
SDK supportedWindows and Linux libraryWindows and Linux library
Dimensions47 x 46 x 48 mm47 x 46 x 48 mm

Format Name Size Link
PDF Drawings Workswell-TAU2-module-electronics-GIGE 1,5 MB Download
PDF Drawings Workswell-TAU2-module-GIGE 1.3 MB Download
PDF Datasheet TAU GigE Module EN 1.0 MB Download
PDF Drawings Workswell-TAU2-module-electronics-USB3 1.1 MB Download
PDF Datasheet TAU_USB3 Module 1.4 MB Download
PDF Drawings Workswell-TAU2-USB3 1.9 MB Download
ZIP 3D Model 0,7 MB Download