AceCore NEO - behind the scenes of Game of Thrones with our partner and distributor in the Netherlands

AceCore-NEO-Game of Thrones-actors-movie-Iceland-winter-2016

Game of Thrones, the HBO sensation from the books of George R.R. Martin, premiered season 7, a season which features footage filmed with the NEO – drone from Dutch company AceCore Technologies. The drone segments were shot in winter 2016 at different locations throughout Iceland. 

AceCore-NEO-movie-production-Game of Thrones-industrial-drone

According to Acecore CEO and pilot Jorrit Linders the weather conditions were very harsh. Temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius and very strong winds made the recordings very challenging. AceCore Technologies specializes in developing drone systems that can carry a heavy payload and fly in extreme weather conditions. Needless to say, the HBO quality requirements are high. Data must be able to be post-edited with all kinds of visual effects.

AceCore’s robust robotic systems meet with such high-stability requirements and, therefore, their drones wear industry-leading inspection thermal imagers such as WIRIS SecurityWIRIS Pro, as well as our new camera WIRIS Agro for precision agriculture.

Drones, unlike expensive helicopters where flights should always be pre-planned. Drones can also fly closer to a target subject or object for the close range aerial shots. For the first time, the Games of Thrones production team used drones rather than traditional helicopters in Iceland.