Announcing a New UAV - Thermography Partnership

Workswell is renewing its partnership with Acecore Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) from the Netherlands. This partnership offers customers 100% China-free products globally.

UAV Thermal Drone Packages

Workswell infrared cameras offer features such as 1280 x 1024 px super resolution, 10x optical zoom, and a radiometric temperature measurement range of up to 1.500°C. In other words, they are the premier thermal cameras on the market. All UAV-series cameras are equipped with WIRIS OS for an easy and user-friendly experience. However, the cameras’ potential cannot be fully utilized without a solid UAV partner.

A Fruitful Partnership

Acecore’s partnership with Worskwell enables the delivery of a complete thermal drone and UAV solution that incorporates Workswell’s extended product range. These packages can be leveraged to enhance thermal assessments including pipeline inspectionspower line inspectionssolar panel inspections, wind turbine inspections, and a variety of other applications.

“An infrared camera payload without a robust, stable and professional UAV will not satisfy our customers’ needs. Workswell & Acecore’s partnership facilitates the creation of end-to-end UAV systems that include all the elements needed for professional applications, such as the drone, thermal payload, gimbal, controller, RTK etc.”, said Adam Svestka, Head of Global Business Development at Workswell. “The customer gets the full package: a plug & play solution to carry out their job accurately and quickly without the need for additional accessories or software” Svestka added.

Customers can purchase these ready-to-fly bundles from Acecore and Workswell sales points, including official distributors.

About Acecore Technologies

Acecore technologies is an integrator, developer and manufacturer of high-end tailor-made drone and camera technologies for professional use.

Acecore used the highest-quality materials to design and build the new Neo and Zoe drones. Both UAVs were designed to perform as robust and versatile solutions for a wide variety of applications, including cinematography, inspection, aerial surveying, and security. Their lightweight carbon fiber frames and advanced motors allow users to implement payloads of up to 9kg with a maximum takeoff weight of <25kg. To optimize PPK efforts, Acecore’s Neo and Zoe drones come fitted with a smart module that puts GPS and drone flight data directly into all collected images.