From drones and precision agriculture to coronavirus screening

As a company that strives to develop innovative solutions to pressing challenges, we have tackled a wide range of metrology applications in recent years. With drought spreading across much of Europe, we devoted ourselves to enhancing agricultural production and created a highly accurate thermal imager that registers slight variations in surface temperatures while delivering high image homogeneity. Our efforts resulted in the development of the WIRIS Agro and WIRIS Sc thermal imagers. These cameras launched over a year ago and are now improving precision agriculture, and research and development into drought prevention and mitigation.


This experience equipped us with a developer platform that enables the highly precise calibration and improved construction of thermal imagers. Then, a new challenge arose: the coronavirus. We built on our experience with precision agriculture to develop a new infrared camera that delivers extremely accurate body temperature measurement. This is the Workswell MEDICAS, which is the culmination of our work in precision metrology. The MEDICAS employs the design and calibration procedures we created for the WIRIS Agro and WIRIS Pro Sc, but it also has something special: a continuous recalibration procedure that integrates the infrared standard – the black body.


Our main goal was to increase the accuracy of our temperature measurements

Standard infrared LWIR measurement operates at ±2 °C accuracy, which is unacceptable for a healthcare application. That’s why we developed the MEDICAS as a unique infrared system which is calibrated in real time on a black body. This ensures an exceptional accuracy of ±0.3 °C, a massive improvement over the standard value for thermal cameras. Thanks to its precision, the MEDICAS provides a double visual alarm at both warning temperatures of 37° C and critical temperatures above 38° C. This makes it easy for a system operator to identify when someone has a fever. More information about the Workswell MEDICAS is available on our website.