From drones and precious agriculture to coronavirus screening

In recent years, as a development company, we have been confronted with the issue of drought spreading and the whole area of precision agriculture. Our main goal was to develop a very accurate thermal imager capable of sensing surface temperature with slight temperature variations and high image homogeneity.

The aim of this development was infrared camera WIRIS Agro and infrared camera WIRIS Sc. These cameras were launched over a year ago and are currently successfully used in precision agriculture and R&D (Research and Development).

Previous experiences and achieved results enabled us to use the developer platform (using  experience with very precise calibration and improved construction of thermal imagers) to develop new infrared camera specialized in very accurate measurement of body temperature. This thermal camera (or infrared camera) is the Workswell MEDICAS and is based on the above mentioned developments from previous years. In addition to the design and calibration procedures used for WIRIS Agro and WIRIS Pro Sc, a specific continuous recalibration procedure has been developed using the infrared standard, ie the black body.

Infrared camera Workswell MEDICAS for fever screening.
Infrared camera Workswell MEDICAS for fever screening.

Of course, our main effort was to increase the accuracy of temperature measurement

Standard infrared LWIR measurement works on +-2 °C accuracy, which is absolutely not acceptable for this application. MEDICAS is a unique infrared system which is calibrated in real time on a black body which provides outstanding accuracy ±0.3 °C (comparing to the standard value for thermal camera ±2 °C). Thanks to this precision in measurement the fever could be detected by providing double visual alarm on warning temperature (37 °C) and the critical one (above 38 °C). An operator of the system can easily recognize a person with the fever. More informations about Workswell MEDICAS are avaiable on our website.