Workswell WIRIS Security

WIRIS Security

Presenting Workswell's solution for security and search & rescue operations: The WIRIS Security. This LWIR (7.5 – 13.5 μm) thermal camera is designed for use with drones, and it has a critical role to play in life-and-death situations.  This instrument offers a high-resolution thermal camera (800x600 px), 30x optical zoom in the RGB spectrum, and excellent temperature sensitivity. What's more, the WIRIS® Security is encased in a rugged construction made of lightweight aluminum. Recommended applications include building and perimeter surveillance, searching for missing persons, firefighting operations, and a wide range of other critical applications.

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Highest sensor resolution on the market

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30x optical RGB zoom

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Night Vision Cut filter

Camera delivers both thermal and visual images

The WIRIS Security thermal camera is designed for most challenging search and rescue appliacations.

Live, high-resolution and high-image-frequency visuals delivered straight to the screen

workswell wiris security 01 L Resolution

High Resolution & Thermal Sensitivity

The WIRIS Security thermal camera offers an unrivalled resolution of 800×600 px – and its thermal sensitivity clocks in at 40 mK! No other drone-mounted thermal imaging camera can offer these parameters.

Precise Night Vision RGB Camera

The Workswell WIRIS Security camera comes equipped with an incorporated specialized visual band imagery RGB camera with high-sensitivity dusk and night vision and 10x optical ZOOM. Thus, the RGB camera image is clear even at minimum light of 0.0008 lux. The camera’s focal length is variable within an interval of 129.0 mm – 4.3 mm, and it equals up to 30x optical ZOOM.

Resolution Matters.

The WIRIS Security offers the highest resolution on the market for both the RGB sensor and the thermal imaging sensor. In search and rescue operations, resolution is not just a technical parameter. In practice, it may well be the difference between life and death. We stay on the cutting edge of camera quality because resolution matters.

Many interfaces

The Workswell WIRIS Security offers an interface enabling the widest range of connections to the drone, the control unit, an external GPS sensor, and other instruments. Wi-Fi low latency live video streaming and a command link are also available. The following HW interfaces are available: S.Bus, CAN bus (DJI M600 and A3 controller compatible), Ethernet (RJ 45), External GPS connection, External trigger, CANbus & UART serial communication and MavLink – Provides a wide range of standard and custom commands for controlling the thermal camera during the flight.

workswell wiris security 04 R Interfaces
workswell wiris security 05 L ITAR

Non-itar product

This camera is categorized as a NON-ITAR product, which means that the sale, export, and import of this thermal camera is considerably easier and faster than it would be for an ITAR unit. There are no extensive legal requirements to comply with for the WIRIS Security.

Video Streaming and WiFi commands

RTSP video streaming, image, and command transfer through Wi-Fi are among the other WIRIS OS functionalities. These features are provided by the RJ 45 Ethernet port.

See more information in the Stream SDK tutorial

workswell wiris security 06 R WIFI
workswell wiris security 07 L OS

WIRIS OS - Capture the Full Potential

The WIRIS OS operating system has been in development for over 4 years now, and it’s been tested on each of the previous generations of Workswell’s WIRIS cameras. This platform allows you to maximize the full potential of the camera’s sensor and computing hardware – it delivers results that similar products without an operating system cannot even touch.

Impressive Storage

The Workswell WIRIS Security camera is equipped with an SSD disc with 512 GB or 256 GB memory for recording. It also enables data storage via an external USB disk or microSD card.
workswell wiris security 08 R SSD v2
workswell wiris security 09 L SDK

SDK - Develop your own Apps

Along with each Workswell WIRIS Security, we provide an SDK (Standard Development Kit) enabling you to develop your own applications. These libraries give access to low-level functionalities and enable the application developer to fully utilize the camera hardware’s potential.


The innovative picture-in-picture feature allows you to merge a thermal image with an RGB camera image in real time, even with 30x optical ZOOM
workswell wiris security 03 L Experience

Trust in Experience

Workswell launched the first thermal camera for use with drones – the Workswell Thermal Vision Pro. Since then, we’ve delivered numerous changes, revolutionary innovations, and creative variations on what has become the Workswell WIRIS platform. Now, we’re offering our most advanced model ever. This generation of the WIRIS Security incorporates all of our experience – everything we’ve learned from our successes, and our failures. In all we do, we do the best we can.

Weight and Dimensions

Workswell’s WIRIS weighs less than 780 g, which is very convenient for drone use.

WEIGHT: < 780 g
DIMENSIONS : 111 x 80 x 103 mm

workswell wiris security 10 R Dimensions

Resolution comparison

workswell comparison 640px and 800px camera

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