Sometimes it is not possible to control the WIRIS device with RC controller. This protocol was designed as full alternative for the RC controller. It gives the user an option to control the WIRIS with simple text based commands using different physical layers.
uarrt canbus wiris

The protocol is currently compatible with these models:

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WIRIS enterprise

Workswell WIRIS Enterprise is a Multi-sensor Camera that has been specifically designed for use with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/UGV), or drones.

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The Workswell WIRIS Pro is a specially designed thermodiagnostic device. It has been built with both mapping applications and inspection work in mind.

wwa patented


Workswell’s WIRIS Agro is the first device of its kind. Designed to map water stress across large areas, it has a critical role to play in the field of precision agriculture.

gis320 flir


The Workswell GIS-320 is the perfect solution for gas leak detection. Its unique pairing of both thermal and digital cameras makes it a highly versatile instrument.

Control WIRIS by text commands

 SDK provides commands like (for instance): 
  • Get thermal camera temperature
  • Recording start – start recording thermal ad visible video according to settings
  • Set range mode (AUTOMATIC MANUAL or SPAN)
  • Set palette
  • Get emissivity
  • Set emissivity
  • Set shutter period – set thermal camera shutter period in seconds 120-1800
  • Set thermal camera zoom index (for WIRIS Security)
  • and more…
CANbus & UART SDK gives the user option to control WIRIS ProWIRIS Pro SC or WIRIS Security with simple text based commands using physical layers CANbus and UART.
The UART port is shared between MAVlink, GPS and the commands of this SDK. Only one of these can be used in a given time. The used periphery is automatically detected. The detection is resetted and repeated after each WIRIS reboot.