Workswell WIRIS mini

WIRIS mini

Presenting Workswell’s WIRIS thermal imaging system for unmanned aerial vehicles – that’s UAVs, or drones for short. It’s both smaller and lighter than the standard WIRIS camera, but it still packs a punch: the WIRIS mini unites a thermal camera, a digital camera, and a control unit with an optional recording unit. The WIRIS system is unique, and it enables the remote configuration of its thermal settings and parameters.

wiris mini dimensions

Small Dimensions


Workswell’s WIRIS mini is an exceptionally small and compact device. Its dimensions are only 85 x 65 x 45 mm.

Low Weight


The Workswell WIRIS mini weighs less than 160 g. This unusually low weight increases the drone’s fly time and battery life.

wiris mini low weight
wiris mini connectivity

Multiplatform Connectivity


A major advantage of the Workswell WIRIS mini system is that many of its features can be controlled remotely with standard RC transmitters. It supports both PWM and S.BUS inputs.

Analog and Digital Output


The WIRIS mini has two types of video output: a digital HDMI port (1280 x 1024 px) as well as an analogue Video output port (NTSC, PAL).

wiris mini output
wiris mini radiometric data 3

Fully Radiometric Data


Final images can be stored in the following formats: radiometric JPEG, radiometric TIFF and standard JPEG, for images in the visible spectrum captured by its digital camera. If you utilize a GPS connection, the GPS coordinates are saved to each individual image.

Suitable for Smaller Drones


Thanks to its compact size and low weight, the WIRIS mini is extraordinarily efficient. This means it can also be used with a number of small, light drones that cannot carry heavier cameras.

wiris mini small drones 2
wiris mini precision

Precise Measurement

WIRIS cameras boast exquisite precision. To be precise, they achieve values of ±3 °C. Both the Workswell WIRIS mini and the standard Workswell WIRIS are the most precise thermal cameras for drones.

Mapping Bundle

mapping bundle wiris mini hor


wiris mini real transparent 1a
wiris mini real transparent 2

Sample Output

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