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Effective ready to fly solutions

Flight-ready solutions thermal camera drone is an innovative and high-tech drone that is equipped with a thermal camera. This drone is designed to be easy to use and comes ready to fly right out of the box. It is perfect for professional use, such as search and rescue missions, surveillance, or inspection work.


The thermal camera on this drone can detect even the slightest temperature changes, making it an essential tool for professionals who need to work in low-light conditions or in areas with poor visibility.


In addition, the drone is built with high-quality materials that are durable and reliable, ensuring that it can withstand even the toughest conditions. With the ready to fly solutions thermal camera drone, you can get a bird's eye view of the world and capture stunning aerial footage with ease.

Flight-ready solutions

Explorian XLT is a Swedish made UAV with today’s security aspects in mind. It is also specially developed to handle heavy payloads and powerful sensors of many different types. Explorian XLT is based on an open standard, which makes it both secure and adaptable for the user’s needs.

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Flight-ready solutions

Acecore Zoe could offer max. 40 minutes fly time with max. 6 kilograms payload weight and 4 independent motors. Acecore Zoe mpressive flytime up to 40 minutes before changing battery packs and there is also option for a tethered solution for unlimited flight time.

Zoe has triple redundant autopilot that compensates any error. It is also equipped with encrypted radio link that guarantees a secured operation.

Flight-ready solutions

Originally designed to serve the US Secret Service as a heavy lift, long-endurance patrol drone, the Vector was born out of necessity and grit. With six rotors, ultra-powerful and efficient motors, and two separate battery packs, the Vector will lift your payload and provide you with flight times of up to 40 minutes.*

The Vector was built to be a heavy-duty professional drone, ready to handle big jobs. The combination of an aluminum frame, wrapped in a polycarbonate body, with carbon fiber arms and rotors creates a light aircraft that can withstand daily use in harsh environments.

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Flight-ready solutions

The Dark Matter qD is a quadcopter made of carbon fibre and aircraft grade aluminium. It can be fitted with different payloads due to its quick exchange payload attachment

Clogworks DMqD can offer maximum flight efficiency of up to 55 minutes without payload or semi-permanent operation on tether. Battery(ies) configuration can be tailored to operation.

The Dark Matter qD can have a secured encrypted bi-directional long range datalink on 2.4GHz, extra comms for redundant communication and with 4G option for unlimited range.

Flight-ready solutions

Cameras are fully compatible with DJI M600 Pro Black Controller and DJI GO app. All functions can be directly controlled via DJI Go application and DJI controller. No additional accessories needed.

GPS coordinates are directly transmitted from drone to the camera via connected cable.

Gremsy S1 is the world’s first ever small gimbal with onboard HDMI and SMA ports fully supported for infrared camera WIRIS Pro. Developed based on Gremsy T1 technology with a larger camera cage, the S1 can plug and play with various platforms to provide high precision pointing accuracies for every industrial need.
S1 is first single arm gimbal made by Gremsy that supports multiple camera models. Gremsy S1 is the most advanced single arm gimbal for industry experts in the market. Small and lightweight.

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Flight-ready solutions

The Hexadrone Tundra can offer 50 minutes flight time in the X4 “endurance” configuration with a 1,5 kilogram payload and 30 minutes with a 4 kilograms payload when equipped with a 30Ah semi-solid state battery.

The Tundra drone hardened body is weatherproof and has been developed to suit a great range of application. The Cube Orange (Ardupilot) flight controller allows the user to interface a large ecosystem sensors and accessories that can easily be added thanks to different kind of standard openings easily accessible on each of the 6 sides of the machine’s body.

The Tundra’s structure is Made in France and has been thought to be as standard as possible so integrators make it specific for peculiar missions. It was developed in an open-innovation logic, to become a base of developments. Different X4 sets of arms are available according to the users’ needs; “endurance”, “urbain” and “custom”. It can also be used in tethered configuration.

Flight-ready solutions

Designed for demanding industrial applications, the IF1200 supports up to 8kg payloads and a 35 minute flight time.

Unparalleled ruggedness & an open-system architecture make the IF1200 a workhorse UAV fully designed, manufactured & supported in the USA. Whatever your operations, the IF1200 can be configured around your requirements for more efficient & safer operations.

Offering a tight integration with the WIRIS cameras, the IF1200 provides a great option for operators needing to use multiple payloads at once or operators using thermal imagery as a secondary data layer.

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Italdron Ready to Fly Solutions wiris workswell thermal camera

Flight-ready solutions

Italdron Durante Sentinella can offer over 60 minutes fly time with max. 2 kilograms payload weight 

Durante’s impressive flytime up to 60 minutes before changing battery packs and there is also option for a tethered solution for unlimited flight time. Ultra low noise emissions (near 0bd at 150m) makes durante suitable for “stealth” surveillance mission profiles.

With Italdron Controller App and new 4g/LTE/5G onboard computer, Ground station and payload can be remotely accessed from anywere in the world. Connection is secure through 256-bit encryption thus maintaining low latency. Video streaming and “click-to-go” features are available to remotely control UAV for BVLOS applications.

Durante is the made in Italy drone with a compact and lightweight design that guarantees maximum safety levels thanks to triple autopilot redundancy sensors and automatic parachute.

It's legal to fly with drone?

The legality of flying drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), varies depending on the country and region you are in. In many countries, there are regulations in place that govern the use of drones, and failure to follow these regulations can result in fines or other penalties.

In general, most countries require that drones be registered and flown in accordance with certain rules. For example, in the United States, drones must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and flown within the operator's visual line of sight, below 400 feet, and away from other aircraft and people.

Some countries may also require that drone operators obtain a license or permit before flying. Additionally, there may be restrictions on where and when drones can be flown, such as near airports, military installations, or in crowded public areas.

Therefore, it's important to check the specific laws and regulations in your country or region before flying a drone. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in legal consequences.

What is the difference between UAV and drone?

The terms UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and drone are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two:

  • UAV is a broader term that encompasses any type of remotely or autonomously controlled flying vehicle that doesn't require a human pilot on board. This can include fixed-wing aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft, and even hybrid models.

  • Drone, on the other hand, typically refers to smaller, multirotor aircraft that are often used for recreational or commercial purposes, such as aerial photography, surveying, or inspection. Drones are generally considered to be a type of UAV, but not all UAVs are drones.

In summary, while both UAVs and drones are unmanned aerial vehicles, the term drone is often used specifically to describe small, multirotor aircraft used for civilian applications, while UAVs can refer to any unmanned flying vehicle regardless of its size, shape or function.

Can I put a thermal camera on drone?

Yes, it is possible to mount a thermal camera on a drone. In fact, thermal cameras are commonly used on drones for various applications such as search and rescue, wildlife monitoring, and industrial inspections.

However, before attaching a thermal camera to a drone, it is important to ensure that the drone is capable of carrying the extra weight of the camera and that it has the necessary power to operate the camera. It's also important to ensure that the drone is stable enough to provide clear and steady thermal images.

Additionally, it is important to follow any regulations or guidelines set by the local aviation authority for operating a drone with a thermal camera, including obtaining any necessary permits or licenses.

Can thermal camera see through walls?

No, thermal cameras cannot see through walls. Thermal cameras detect infrared radiation emitted from objects and convert it into an image that represents the temperature distribution of the object's surface. The camera can detect temperature differences between objects and their surroundings, but it cannot see through walls or other opaque objects.

However, thermal cameras can be useful for detecting heat sources behind walls if there is a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the wall. For example, if there is a fire or hot water pipe behind a wall, a thermal camera can detect the heat signature of the object and provide an image that indicates its location. But the camera cannot see through the wall itself.