Security Applications of Thermal Imaging Systems


Infrared camera for surveillance and security

Infrared camera for security is a key concern in all areas of modern life. From cities to companies, churches to communities, safety is simply a priority. Yet despite our best efforts, security is never a settled matter, for new risks constantly arise. Every organization must work tirelessly to ensure that unauthorized personnel do not enter its premises, while maintaining ease of access for members. Yet identifying an unauthorized person amidst the flow of ingress and egress is very much like searching for missing persons on a foggy evening. Indeed, would-be intruders often utilize the cover of night to penetrate a building’s defenses in search of valuables. Even the most alert guard can do little when faced with the darkness of a moonless night. 

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Infra-red radiation can also penetrate through smoke. Thermal cameras enable detection through smoke and fog.
Infrared camera for security
Car engines kept at idle are ready to spring into action.

Practical way to safely guard

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective way to see through fog, smoke, and undergrowth – even to “see” at night. All objects warmer than absolute zero emit infra-red radiation that can be detected by thermal imaging systems. Since living creatures almost always have different body temperatures than their surroundings, thermal cameras are a practical way to safely guard buildings at night and in bad weather, including rain, snow, and fog. Thermal cameras provide a high-quality contrast image under both daytime and nighttime conditions.

Prevention is everything

The detection of infra-red radiation with a thermal camera makes it easy to safely guard structures, people, and property. An observer can monitor the screen in a safe place and leverage a variety of alarm settings to assess threats. Thermal cameras produce thermograms that highlight warm objects through color contrasts. For example, the background may be a shade of grey, while everything with a temperature higher than, say, 35° C, will be displayed in red. By setting the correct measurement parameters and using an appropriate device, an object with a different temperature than its surroundings can be detected within a range of several kilometers. The risks facing any particular operation will then be clearly visible, facilitating a rapid response. It should be noted that a potentially dangerous “object” may not be a living creature – it could also be a car or some other vehicle, or even the center of a fire. In any case, this object could pose a grave risk that threatens both people and their assets.

Safety and rescue

How can an area be monitored in cases where it is not possible to use a securely installed, stationary thermal camera? There are many thermal cameras available on the market that are suitable for small areas that can be covered on foot within a tight time frame. However, when the exact size of the area that requires monitoring is unknown or difficult to access, things can get a bit trickier.

Enter mobile systems. Workswell offers an elegant and precise solution – the Workswell WIRIS infra-red thermal imaging system for drones. It is a light, compact instrument with a camera in the visible spectrum and a thermal camera, which allow the user to quickly check a large area. The system can be used to detect people crossing land borders, and to search for missing people. The Workswell WIRIS system can also help users find someone in a burning building who cannot be seen due to smoke, or someone who is drowning but can’t be seen because it’s too dark.

How does it help?

While airborne, the Workswell WIRIS system can monitor live images from both cameras and enable rapid responses to any security threat. 

The whole flight can then be recorded and analyzed later to identify any risky phenomena. 

Another advantage of the Workswell WIRIS system is the option to manually set the temperature scale within a very narrow range. For example, professionals can set the camera to operate within the range from 10° C to 35° C when searching for missing persons.

Moreover, the range can also be changed mid-flight. This capacity for precise calibration is unique to the Workswell WIRIS, and it ensures a significant increase in the probability that an intruder or missing person will be found. 

This feature makes the Workswell WIRIS thermal camera the best tool for security applications. After all, without the option to manually set the temperature range, there is a significant risk that even an expensive thermal camera will not be able to detect live objects, simply because of insufficient system sensitivity.

Infrared camera for security

High-quality and optical zoom? It's a WIRIS reality!

The Workswell WIRIS Security drone-based camera not only includes a high-quality thermal camera, it also offers an unbeatable night-vision RGB camera with up to 30x optical zoom.

Temperature alarms constitute another important feature, as they aid in the identification of objects by highlighting them in clear colors. Moreover, these alarms can be fully adjusted mid-flight via RC controller, and alarm settings can be adjusted to actual conditions without forcing the drone to land.

Handy or “flying” thermal camera inspections can be recommended for any safety inspection, for the localization of the center of fires, for investigating objects and areas, and for searching for missing persons. Drone inspections are fast and easy, and they reduce the time required for intervention while increasing the probability of rescuing people and saving property.

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