Workswell Wiris Pro(WWP) Data SDK
Library for manipulating thermal images and sequences.

C++ library that provides interface for thermal images and sequences recorded by Workswell Thermal Cameras.
Developers can use this SDK to create aplications for loading, presenting and storing thermograms.
Supported radiometric cameras: Workswell Wiris Pro, Workswell Wiris Pro SC.

Key Features:
Load thermograms to display thermal data.
Use provided palettes and modify ranges to enhance presentation of measured data.
Read and change thermal parameters of radiometric files.
Examine thermograms with regions of interests(ROI) and alarms.
Load, play and export from sequences of thermal images.

Start with class Center, which serves as library entrypoint. Load thermal files using methods of this class.

Sample application which showcases usage of this SDK is available on GitHub public repository.

License Policy
Please activate your library copy before first use with provided licence serial number using function Center::activate. Internet connection is required to activate the license.
Moreover, library needs to be authentificated by calling Center::authentificate before every use, for example during start of your application.

Target Platforms: MacOS(High Sierra or newer), Windows 10 64 bit

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